It’s very common and hackneyed thing that every day promiscuous people have their birthday. But for everybody someone is exclusive and so he/she feel very special for the birthday being on that day. It’s very natural & real knack.

So, today is exclusive day because it’s my day means the day when the one came on earth who is now more than my better half. She is quiet fabulous, decent and classy sort of girl. I don’t want to applause her but she has the heart which carries as much space for me that even I “ll do something wrong she “ll bear it up while just saying normally ‘koi nii but teko ese nhi krna chahiye tha yr’ .

Sometimes I think God make my fate so lucky that I have a bestii like her who doesn’t need much more than my time, support, & my irritating lectures. I don’t know what is friendship but I know it’s something that couldn’t be broken either there are mistakes, quarrels and misunderstandings but everything is to be precisely solved while having loyalty, honesty and firmness in the relation.

We aren’t sisters by birth but we knew from the start… Fate brought us together to be sisters by heart”

My expectations are nothing from her just having a cozy time together and I ‘m always thankful for her presence in my life every second either to be online or offline. I don’t know what will happen in our future but the golden time that I “ll remember in my life is the only time we spent together.

“Here’s to laughing at our own jokes and keeping each other sane!”

The understanding that we have is inimitable or matchless with any other thing in the world.

I “ll definitely explicit the being in front of world who “ll come after my parents in the sort of my life and she is the one so I want to manifest her presence & importance in my life.

Happy Birthday my … Eternal and Amiable friend.


Show Must Go On

“Nothing is in danger”

Humanity – the term means the quality of being humane. So we shouldn’t use the term humanity as a benevolence or philanthropy or charitableness. Because ‘humanity’ term means the quality of humane at present time. Nowadays humans are following escapism , they are getting far from the reality and moving towards materialistic world. So in today’s world the word Humanity should be known as the selfishness or self-interest – the quality or condition of being selfish. Because today’s human is selfish so his humanity is to be selfishness.

However , we have to come to the point ‘Nothing is in danger’ . How ?

It’s simple if no one feels mercy on any trouble of someone or any sort of disgust over debauchery then everything is fair and going on with ignorance and consent of everybody. If nobody means nothing for anyone then everything is in perfection. And this is true and basic reason behind the demolition of society. “Show Must Go on” this dictum is in main stream that if something critical happened then there’s no need to focus on it, just keep moving persistently and constantly. As time doesn’t waits for anyone , deeds according to everybody’s resolutions also be continued. There are promiscuous thinking and a vast population, human are so shoppy and calculating. If such sort of things are happened , I want to suggest people that don’t be so sad and stressed, just give your life a new definition like humanity has selfishness and rejoice with the deals of daily life. In everyone’s life there should be one theme that show must go on & basically it’s a good thing as it reduces our stress and make humans more evolutive and developing for their futures.

Evolution and development are necessary for human but I think so that S for science makes humans S for selfish day by day & destructs the line of charity and benevolence. In the last I want to say that there’s need of revival in humanity.


– the world or the state of things as they actually exist , as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

What a man wants is “Ahhh..” What a woman wants is “WOW! beautiful”

This disturbs the sincerity of feelings, authenticity of love and faithfulness among the humans. What I mean to say may be inappropriate for some people but it’s true. The time to time surprising presents and bounties for women make them so haughty that they get ready to vend their chastity and prudence. Before doing such sort of deeds they have to think at once about the value of themselves and the soul carrying with them that is priceless. Instead of accepting these bounties they have to take devotion, dedication, maturity, sincerity, reverence and a kind of amour from their men. It’s difficult to be loyal and to lead a life with minimum materialistic things. But it”ll give a sort of pleasure which will be grand and mellow. I feel suffocation when people uses the word ‘love’ for these promiscuous fake relationships. And today what’s going on social media that those who are doing more frivolous activities, basically they are posting quotes, phrases and songs on love because they try to hide their outness or reality by using a chapter of love as their social account story. And on the another side the society of men which always tries to impress these women.Basically , I can’t feel or imagine the pleasure that men get while taking comments and flirts from women. It’s a natural and genetic problem for the society of men. They easily get attracted towards beauty that could be bluff or real. All men tries to find out it and they succeed in it and made their relationship with the ones who are of their variant and manner. Means fake ones get closure to the fake women for their pleasures , lust, and inconstancy. But the problem is that these fake people paves pebbles in the path of true lovers. I just want to say one thing if such sort of people are present in both the categories male and female then why shouldn’t they tag themselves precisely that what they are real atleast some true people will not indulge with them. We have no problem they can continue their whoredom but just showing some clemency on true lovers.

How helplessness of innocent give rise to tyranny of a man…

Here is the world of both, somewhere the innocent and on the other the tyrants. Often I saw that many innocent girls’ helplessness gave rise to tyranny of a man. First of all here I don’t want to accuse or blame all men. It’s simply contemplation. Basically, the story begins with a girl’s birth in the middle class family. The birth of a girl child was considered deficit in the family. She had grown up by years & years in her village. Then after many years , her gave birth to a boy child. After all, her family thought that they’re near to the good. The girl is so innocent that you can imagine as I used the word “innocent” for her. She works regularly went through the circumstances of her family. Then, a tragedy occurred and made her mother nominal for living. The family earner failed in front of life, the girl’s father ends to a tragic death. The whole workload falls on the shoulders of her mother. And now, it is double toilsome for the mother to earn from the farmlands without her life partner, society started torturing the family. It was too painful for the woman for upbringing her children in a pleasant atmosphere. Then the girl started helping her mother but how much she can, what the life the girl handling without father, depressed mother & the flagitious society. She was no more able to study properly. Then, her mother passed through a severe attack on kidneys and became helpless. The Girl’s uncle & aunt takeover the girl & her brother. Her mother took over the bed. 

When there was a beautiful wedding of her cousin, her uncle shoved the girl into the drastic relationship. Means, she was also married on the same day on which her cousin get married. But a huge difference between beautiful and drastic marriages is that the girl was forcefully married to a man that was not of her choice, too elder or aged in comparison to her, not a successful earner whereas her cousin get married a man of her choice , a successful earner and a gentleman. The girl’s life now goes to a life of helpless girl. She have to do what her uncle says not according to her desires. She is quite young, beautiful & innocent and full of girlishness. And the man with whom she married , an aged , spooky, conservative and somewherelse uneducated. The man looked like that he didn’t get a woman to marry him and he destroys an innocent girls’life. Now, they both entered in a relationship of husband and wife but without the choice of wife(girl). The man constricted on the girl & started ruling over her as a King on a slave. What is the outcome of such a relationship, is this a relationship like Adam & Eve? What the girl”ll do? She is totally helpless and the man get power over her and built tyranny. This is how an idle , valueless man built his tyranny over an innocent girl and desires of that girl. I’m not able to think that what’s the girl’s fault? Or we have to give it a remark by God.. that God wants whatever is going..And for what? Now, the man completely forced the girl to do whatever he wants to do regarding her. No independence, no democracy, no power, no care without money. Everything is with money or the men. So I don’t like man & money because both consists “M” means “मैं” , means selfish.
It’s not about all men but for those who tries to become the most powerful in the world only by controlling their wives.

My next post will be ” Journey from a Girl to Woman”

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Fain Would I Wed- Thomas Campion

Fain would I wed a fair young man that night and day could please me,

When my mind or body grieved that had the power to ease me.
Maids are full of longing thoughts that breed a bloudless sickness,
And that, oft I hear men say, is onely cured by quickness.
Oft I have been wooed and praised, but never could be moved ;
Many for a day or so I have most dearly loved,
But this foolish mind of mine straight loathes the thing resolved ;
If to love be sin in me that sin is soon absolved.
Sure I thinke I shall at last fly to some holy Order ;
When I once am setled there then can I flyFaine would I wed a faire yong man that day and night could please mee,
When my mind or body grieued that had the powre to ease mee.
Maids are full of longing thoughts that breed a bloudlesse sicknesse,
And that, oft I heare men say, is onely cur’d by quicknesse.
Oft I haue beene woo’d and prai’d, but neuer could be moued ;
Many for a day or so I haue most dearely loued,
But this foolish mind of mine straight loathes the thing resolued ;
If to loue be sinne in mee that sinne is soon absolued.
Sure I thinke I shall at last flye to some holy Order ;
When I once am setled there then can I fly no farther.
Yet I would not die a maid, because I had a mother :
As I was by one brought forth I would bring forth another.

Thomas Campion

Thomas Campion was a sixteenth and seventeenth century poet. He was born in London and became a successful physician. He was a lutenist and composed lyrics, such as Cherry Ripe, which he and others set to music. His poems, also often set to music , are generally light and charming. He wrote over a hundred lute songs, masques for dancing , and an authoritative technical treatise on music. His first published works were five songs, which appeared in 1591. Campion’s first collection of poem Thomas Campiani Poornata, was published in Latin in 1595, the book included over 129 epigrams as well as a no. of elegies and an incomplete epic poem. His “Fain Would I Wed” has a somewhat earthier quality reminiscent of the Chinese odes

In “Fain Would I Wed” , the poet here writes on behalf of a woman who is quite unhappy from the consequences of her married life. She find it completely of no use to marry a “fair young man”. Before marriage, girls have some desires about their husbands in their mind, in their mind, in other words , what kind of quality they possess including physical appearance or whether they are handsome or intelligent.

She says that it was all in vain to marry a fair young man who would make her feel happy and satisfied every time.

“Fain Would I Wed a fair young…                                                 …had the power to ease me”

 When her mind and body would pain, he could has the strength to make her comfortable. Further, who are full of sad feelings and thoughts also become the cause of their sickness or loss of blood. The cure of this sickness is “quickness” which she heard from man often saying. In the next stanza she gives few more statement on her dissatisfaction from her life. She openly accepts that she had been many times loved and praised by her future husband but it was not enough to move her. In other words she didn’t that it could effect her emotions and cause feelings. She says that she had been wooed and loved very much which her foolish mind dislikes all the things that are determined.

“Oft I have been wooed and praised, but never could be moved”

Here, we get an idea that inspite of the efforts of her man to love her she couldn’t love and like it. That’s why she says loving is just like a sin for her and this sin will be absolved very soon. She is no more guilty for it.

Campion had attained a great range both in feeling and expression, the result of which is always a considerable reputation of his poems and songs. The “Fain Would I Wed” is surely no exception to it.

In the next stanza of lines we the woman’s attempt to get ride if the above problems and attain satisfaction. She says that she at last must “fly to some holy orders” or she should go and become the member of christian clergy.

“Sure I think I shall at last fly to same holy orders,

When I once am settled there ,than can I fly no further”

And if once she get settled there and accept being the member, she cannot think of moving further in life. She would not then able to live her life in the same way she does now.

But at the same time she rejects her though of attaining holy orders. She decides not to die unmarried as she had a mother, who had brought her to this world. As her mother gave her birth, she too will do the same. She says that she would also bring her child further to this world. And so she will also have to get married even if it is fain to her.

Through the views and thoughts of the maid,the author is talking about we can say that the basic “theme” of this poem is “wedding” & these thoughts of desires of her become useless because of the commitment of society that a girl should have to marry at last and make her life complete with her husband and children and because she is the only who can make this world go further by bringing her child into this world.

So, from the beginning up to the last two lines of the poetry we can observe a complete change in the thinking of the woman as in the beginning. She displays her dissatisfaction in marrying as she finds it useless. But at the end she talks about her will do to bring her child to this earth and so she will not die a maid.

This poem is basically a short poem consisting twelve lines. It is a fair poem with rhyme scheme a a b b c d. It is a short poem set to music. The author used lexical repetitions to emphasize a significant image and meter is trochaic pentameter and there is a poetic device epiphora in the ending lines.