How to be practical if already being emotional

Yah ! It's a big deal to move on but I'm saying about those for whom the beginning was also a big deal. I hope you can understand what's the meaning & motive of my line. How many of you ever had a relation which is not in your scope. Mostly human beings get affectionate… Continue reading How to be practical if already being emotional



It's very common and hackneyed thing that every day promiscuous people have their birthday. But for everybody someone is exclusive and so he/she feel very special for the birthday being on that day. It's very natural & real knack. So, today is exclusive day because it's my day means the day when the one came… Continue reading Birthday


- the world or the state of things as they actually exist , as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them. What a man wants is "Ahhh.." What a woman wants is "WOW! beautiful" This disturbs the sincerity of feelings, authenticity of love and faithfulness among the humans. What I mean to say… Continue reading Outness